The Company Signing Strategic Cooperation Framework Agreements With Six subsidiary Companies of SIONMACH

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September 13-14, vice president Qiao Gong, company by Jia Yu of business management department and Liu Dong of international trade of department 1 attended the “Forum of Expanding Exports of SIONMACH Manufacturing Products”.
In the forum, vice president Qiao Gong and his companies conducted extensive exchanges and negotiation with a number of equipment manufacturing and technology R&D enterprises, with preliminary cooperation intentions reached, signing strategic cooperation framework agreements with YTO Group Corporation, Lanpec Technologies Limited, Tianjing Design & Research Institute of Electric Drive Co., LTD, China National Machinery Industry Corporation, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Mechanization Sciences, Shenyang Academy of Instrumentation Co., Ltd.


It was reported that vice president of the group, Xie Biao, was present in the meeting and addressed a speech, pointing out that the promotion of SINOMACH Products and the building of SINOMACH were of significance, putting forward five specific requirements for carrying out collaborative marketing. Heads of 25 companies of foreign trade, equipment manufacturing, and science and technology R & D also attended the meeting.