The evaluation system is an important manifestation of the scientific management of enterprise

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On December 28, debriefing report will of dept heads of CNAICO on performance appraisal was held in the conference room of the 25th floor, which was hosted by general manager, Zhang Yuanjun. Appraisal committee consisted of company leadership.

Before the report of the department heads , President Ji Xuecheng made a speech , pointing out that the appraisal was not going through the motions , but focusing on result ,which should be made good use of and through which give full play to the role of incentive and constraint, which is the real purpose of the assessment, and that the incentive and restraint mechanisms of mid-level leadership was essential to the entire company , and hoped that all middle-level cadres pay amount of attention to the assessment, setting a good example . 

Centering on “realistic and innovative”, the department heads reported their work within 10-15minutes on work of innovation throughout the year, impetus to the company and working thought about the improvement of next year, which were given live scores by appraisal committee. It was said that debriefing with live score was first adopted on assessment by our company.

President Ji stressed that complete performance appraisal system was an important manifestation of the scientific management of enterprise and should be used as an edge tool, and that the role of performance value-oriented assessment mechanism should be given full play and constantly improve accordance with the standards of “Scientific, Standardized and Serious”. Specifically, President Ji emphasized that the improvement of the assessment mechanism should be two-pronged approached, on the one hand, strengthening the assessment of operational entities, taking indicators of team building, risk control and cost control to consideration, in addition to operating data ; on the other hand, reinforcing the assessment of functional department , focusing on work achievement, workload, difficulty, and the initiative and the effectiveness of implementation.

He pointed out that doing a good job at the beginning of year was essential to the volume of the end, and that every department should make work plan coordinately for next year, and that functional departments should think about how to innovate in management services with implementing system and operational entities should think about the building of the core competencies system and bigger and stronger business. In short, hard work will have a harvest, for that year- end summary should be ready at the beginning of year.

It is said that a comprehensive assessment of employees in all departments below mid-level leadership has been carried out by appraisal committee consisting of company leadership in charge, heads of human resources department and department where the staff works. The result of assessment will be set as a “secondary distribution” basis, during which, the staff reported his work throughout the year. This assessment is generally believed quite different from that of previous years by staff, which has more simplified process but less duplicated work, and is conducive to the fairness and authenticity of the assessment by way of hierarchical level of performance appraisal.