Grand Opening Ceremony of CIMES 2018, Leading the New Trend of Machine Tool Industry

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       On June 26, the 14th China International Machine Tool & Tools Exhibition (CIMES 2018) held its opening ceremony in Beijing. Ding Hongxiang and other leaders from China National Machinery Industry Corporation (hereinafter referred to as SINOMACH) delivered a speech on behalf of the hosting party, while the opening ceremony was presided over by Zhao Lizhi, deputy secretary of the Party Committee as well as the general manager of China National Machinery Industry International Co., Ltd. (referred to as SINOMACHINT). Former leaders from the Machinery Department, industry associations including the Ministry of Commerce, the Association of Machine Tools, the European Machine Tools Association, the German Machine Tools Association, the Spanish Machine Tools Association, and the Mechanical Engineering Society and exhibitors attended the ceremony. Later, chairman of SINOMACHINT, Zhang Fusheng, general manager, Zhao Lizhi, and other leaders of the company toured the exhibition hall with the guests.


       This exhibition is themed by “innovation, intelligence, precision, and profession”. In recent years, the manufacturing industry has been developing from automation and digitization to collaboration and intelligentization. In his speech, Ding Hongxiang, the vice-general manager of SINOMACH, remarked that CIMES 2018 was held in the context of the world manufacturing industry undergoing profound adjustment in addition to the Chinese manufacturing industry accelerating structural adjustment and deepening industrial transformation and upgrading. At the same time, SINOMACH spared no efforts to create a grand exhibition platform. SINOMACH infused new resources and momentum for the exhibition, hoping to make new contributions and create a new look for the exhibition platform.

       The exhibition lasted for five days, having attracted over 1,300 well-known enterprises from 32 countries and areas including the US, Germany, Italy, England, France, Switzerland, Japan, South Korea, Spain, and the Czech Republic, where a wide range of products such as metal-cutting machine tools, metal forming machine tools, non-traditional machine tools, flexible manufacturing cells, automatic production lines, industrial robots, control systems, elements of automatic control, functional units, measuring tools, cutting tools and tools holder, measuring and testing instruments, and accessories and materials. The exhibition hall took up an area of 120,000 square meters, and the audience was estimated to have reached 150,000.


       A large number of renowned international and domestic enterprises showcased their new products and techniques at the top industrial level professional exhibition gala, among which a galaxy of the most cutting-edge technological products were exhibited. Products from the most advanced manufacturers in Europe and the US made their appearance. Tools and equipment exhibited by world leading machine tool manufacturer, DMG MORI, covered lathes, milling machines, combined machining centers and laser machining equipment including the NZX 2000/800 and STY3, CLX 350 series; EMAG, which is famous for handstand lathes, exhibited its vertical hobbing machine, VL 4 H, vertical combined machining center for machine milling, and VLC 200 GT in addition to the leading products in the field of turning; the world’s largest grinder producer United Grinding Group brought a number of STUDER internal and external grinding machines and WALTER tool grinders while GF Ltd., the flagship tool and mould equipment provider, showed its whole-set mould processing solutions.

       At the same time, a sequence of manufacturers of machine tools from Japan and Taiwan made their brilliant appearance. MAZAK not only exhibited a series of intelligent machine tools, but also their greatest achievement in intelligent manufacturing, “SPS intelligent plant management system”; OKUMA, apart from launching numerous lathes and processing centers, laid emphasis on the “Okuma Smart Factory” intelligent plant model; Taiwan machine tool manufacturers represented by Victor Taichung, CAMPRO, and Chevalier demonstrated their featured economic-type lathes, milling machines, and processing centers.

       Apart from host equipment, leading companies in fields such as numerical control, rolling components, cutters, and measuring apparatus attracted the eyes of many in this year’s exhibition. System producers like Siemens, GSK, Dalian Koyo, Huazhong Numeral Control, KND, and SYNTEC revealed their latest achievements in system control; HIWIN Technologies Corp, Yintai, Nanjing Technology, Shandong Best Precision Co., Ltd. and some other companies exhibited multiple precision rolling function components; world-famous cutter companies, including Zhuzhou Diamond, Chengliang, Haliang, DINE, Hoffman, Rhett Carter, and Leitz, brought their latest achievements in turning while precision measurement manufactures such as Hexagon, Renishaw, Poron, Faro and ERIKS exhibited their wide range of trilinear coordinates measuring instruments, robot automatic calibration schemes, and automatic calibration schemes.

       This exhibition was not only a gathering for excellent exhibitors and powerful buyers, but also a show for digging market demands and analyzing industry development trends. Bearing the “Craftsmanship Spirit”, “the Second National Cutter Application Technology Contest” focused on plucking, nurturing, and uplifting high-quality, applied-type talents in cutter making, in a bid to propel technical advances for enterprises and meet the need for technical talents by China’s fast developing manufacturing industry. Moreover, “Demonstration Area of Industry 4.0” was initiated. European flagship companies in intelligent manufacturing were gathered to exhibit man-machine collaborative integration and production line intelligence solutions. The launching and book presenting ceremonies for the Blue Paper of the Development of China’s Machine Tool Industry (2018 ) were held. Blue Paper makes an analysis of the new opportunities created by China’s machine tool industry, and puts forward suggestions on major work and related policies of the next stage for China’s machine tool industry. This cluster of splendid activities contributes to building a most featured trading platform of machine tools for the Chinese manufacturing industry.

       This exhibition was hosted by SINOMACH, SINOMACHINT, and CNMTC (China National Machine Tool Corp), and undertaken by Beijing Guoji Exhibition Co., Ltd. Since 1992, China International Machine Tool & Tools Exhibition, as the most spectacular exhibition for international machine tools, has been held in Beijing every second year. This year, a large number of new concepts and resources provided by SINOMACH, SINOMACHINT, and other cooperating partners have been infused to meet the development trend in the new era, better implement the strategy of manufacturing power and the“Belt and Road”Initiative, adapt to the transformation of China’s economy from focusing on speed to quality, and create a comprehensive service platform for Chinese and overseas companies in technological exchanges and trade promotion.