“SINOMACH Auto Port” e-commerce platform officially launched

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       To target new business opportunities and capture more customer resources, SINOMACH United (Beijing) Engineering Management Co., Ltd (SINOMACH-UEM), a subsidiary of SINOMACHINT, officially launched the automotive after-market e-commerce platform, “SINOMACH Auto Port”.

       The e-commerce platform leverages the official WeChat account to display and sell relevant automotive after-market products within SINOMACHINT’s business scope. “SINOMACH Auto Port” has strong product segmentation and is constantly expanding product lines. Online products include automotive supplies and daily necessities, to meet different needs of different people. The platform utilizes SINOMACHINT’s offline exhibition advantages, connects high-quality upstream brand manufacturers, and integrates downstream buyer resources to further provide convenient, efficient and reliable services for enterprises to expand the market. The functionality of the e-commerce platform is also being constantly improved.