2018 China (Shijiazhuang) International Automobile Industry Exhibition press conference held

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       On August 15th, the press conference for the “2018 China (Shijiazhuang) International Automobile Industry Exhibition” was held at the Shijiazhuang Press Center. Wei Zhanlu, the Deputy Secretary-General of Shijiazhuang People’s Government, Chang Zhijuan, the Director General of Shijiazhuang City Bureau of Commerce, Zhao Lizhi, the Secretary of the Party Committee and General Manager of China National Machinery Industry International Co., Ltd (SINOMACHINT), and Cheng Yongshun, the Deputy General Manager of SINOMACHINT attended the press conference.

       The “2018 China (Shijiazhuang) International Automobile Industry Exhibition” is the first large-scale international exhibition, which is part of the strategic cooperation between SINOMACHINT and Shijiazhuang People’s Government in the exhibition industry. It will be held in the newly-built Shijiazhuang International Convention Center (Zhengding) from October 11th to October 15th. The total exhibition area will be over 50,000 square meters, and nearly a 100 domestic and foreign mainstream passenger vehicle and new-energy intelligent automobile brands have been invited to attend the exhibition. It’s estimated that hundreds of mainstream and luxury vehicles will be displayed at the exhibition. At the same time, local auto parts and commercial vehicle enterprises in Shijiazhuang will also showcase the current highest levels of Hebei’s auto manufacturing industry. The 1st “China Shijiazhuang New-Energy Automobile Summit Forum” will be concurrently held during the exhibition. It will explore the future development direction for new-energy automobiles and promote new-energy automobile industry cluster development in Shijiazhuang.

       In the next phase, SINOMACHINT plans to hold “Auto Parts China” in April of 2019 and plans to introduce international brand shows such as the “National Motorcycle and Parts Exhibition and Trade Fair”, as well as pharmaceutical, textile and intelligent device manufacturing exhibitions.

       As a provincial capital nearest to Beijing and a regional central city of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Region, Shijiazhuang has a profound cultural heritage, superior local conditions, strong industrial bases and huge development space. SINOMACHINT will promote accelerated establishment of Shijiazhuang’s “4+4” modern industry development model through strategic cooperation with Shijiazhuang People’s Government, to jointly create a Convention City in North China.

       Nearly 60 mainstream media including Peoples Network, Xinhuanet, Greatwall Net, Hebei Television, Shijiazhuang Television, Hebei News Network, Sina, Sohu, PhoenixNet, iQIYI and TouTiao attended the press conference.