13th Jinzhou Auto Expo held successfully

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       The 13th (Jinzhou) China International Automobile Expo 2018 & Western Liaoning Autumn Automobile Exhibition (13th Jinzhou Auto Expo) hosted by Jinzhou People’s Government and China National Machinery Industry Corporation, and organized by Liaoning Zhongqi Conference and Exhibition Co., Ltd., had a grand opening ceremony at the Jinzhou International Conference & Exhibition Center.

       The first Jinzhou Auto Expo was held in 2012. With the increasing demand for automobiles, it has grown from one expo per year to three expos per year and has been held successfully 12 times. Jinzhou Expo leverages Jinzhou People’s Government’s policy advantage – “Taking conference and exhibition industry as an important means of promoting economic growth.” Thanks to SINOMACHINT’s resource advantages in professional exhibitions, the expo has gained the support of numerous exhibitors, and the professional level and rich experience of the expo has also been highly recognized by both, exhibitors and visitors.

       After six years of development, Jinzhou Auto Expo has gained recognition from numerous automobile manufacturers and automobile buyers. It has become a high-quality international auto exhibition with highest attention and greatest influence in Western Liaoning, and it is considered as the strategic channel for numerous automobile manufacturers to seize the auto market in Western Liaoning.