2018 AAG Upgraded for the Convergence of Industrial Powers

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       The opening ceremony of Auto Aftermarket Guangzhou (AAG) 2018 was held in the Poly World Trade Center Guangzhou on September 3rd, 2018. Shi Jianhua, Deputy Secretary-general of China Association of Automobile Manufacturers, and Zhao Lizhi, Party Secretary and General Manager of China National Machinery International Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as SINOMACHINT) delivered speeches during the opening ceremony. Liu Zuqing, Worker Director, Chief Economist and Trade Union Chairman of China National Machinery Industry Corporation Ltd (hereinafter referred to as Sinomach) announced the opening of the event. The ceremony was graced by Zhou Yumei, Deputy Secretary-general of Guangzhou Municipal Government, Yang Yong, Deputy Director of Guangzhou Municipal Commission of Commerce, Ou Ge, Deputy Director of Industry and Information Technology Commission of Guangzhou Municipality, Wang Songlin, former Deputy General Manager of SINOMACH, Zhang Fusheng, Chairman of SINOMACHINT, Huang Xing, Chairman of SINOMACH Intelligence Technology Co., Ltd., Zhang Xiaobin, General Manager of China National Electric Apparatus Research Institute Co., Ltd., Lucia Pasqualini, Consul General of Italy in Guangzhou, and many other distinguished guests. Deputy General Manager Lu Yizhou and Cheng Yongshun of SINOMACHINT accompanied the guests on their tour around the pavilions.


       As a renowned exhibition supported by the Guangzhou Municipal Government, AAG had undergone four years of hard work to keep up with the times by achieving constant breakthroughs in innovation and enrichment in products. With its growing brand influence and overall advantage, the event was reputed as “the largest exhibition for auto parts and components, auto tuning and accessories, as well as auto repair and maintenance in southern China”. The upgraded 2018 AAG had seen vast improvements over the previous years. With a total area of 100,000 square meters, it had attracted over 1,300 exhibitors.

       The traditional auto parts and components section of 2018 AAG had retained its popularity over the years and had attracted a large number of companies from home and abroad, including North General Power Group Co., Ltd., BAIC Group, Dowstone, Phoenix Filter, Guansheng Group, Huachuan Electric, Universe Filter, ACHR, Jian'an Rear Axle Automobile, Jiehu, Gold Phoenix, Luoshi, Inner Mongolia No.1 Machinery, Quanxing Seiko, Sunrise Wheel Group, Johnson Electric, Shentou, Shenyang SSA, Xi’an Huashan, FAW Jiefang, Yongyu, ADD Industry, Sinotruk, Zhongshe Engineering and others.

       In addition, the previous layout had been changed in 2018 AAG to adapt to market development trends. There had been an increase in exhibits on “auto tuning & accessories, auto repair & maintenance” as well as a concurrent exhibition titled “2018ReMaTecAsia”. Through an all-rounded display of development trends and consumption characteristics, the exhibits on “auto tuning & accessories” had attracted numerous central SOEs and well-known overseas brands including China National Materials Group Corporation, NORINCO GROUP, ABT (Asia), AMCC, Boostane (China), Wald (China), Umbrella Corporation, BRABUS, AUTOYONG, BROAD INVESTMENT HOLDINGS GROUP, CCKW (XMFAN), Pangda Automobile Trade Co., Ltd., TUFF PLUS, RUBBER VALLEY and Youdao etc. The “auto repair & maintenance” exhibition area had been organized according to the different forms and scales of the aftermarket terminal stores, as well as the various demands of stores, in order to attract the participation of outstanding local auto maintenance equipment manufacturers. Participating enterprises include Ever-eternal, FCAR, Balancer, AUTEL, Fix Auto, DML, Feiying Autoparts, Gaochang, Gangli, Hairuida, Heyin, Jingzhongjing, JUXUAN, AUTOMAN, Nanfang Machinery, Smithde, STRONGER, Xuanyu Auto, Yokistar, UNILINER, LAUNCH, Yonghengfengzhi and Zhongao etc. “2018 ReMaTecAsia” had demonstrated the advanced technology and products for the remanufacturing of automobiles and provided a platform for the exchange and exhibition of the remanufacturing industry. Several distinguished enterprises from home and abroad had participated in the exhibition, including Bestech, iPICO, Changli, Worldwide Automatic Transmission, ORUID, RUIMAN, SAYAT and Shoulashou etc.

       2018 AAG had also hosted other equally-exciting and important activities at the same time. Nearly 20 forums were held during 2018 AAG. The exhibition and seminars served to extend the new function of the event as a platform to announce industrial dynamics and exchange new technologies. In particular, several forums on the topic of repair and maintenance, such as “New Channels and New Retail” Forum on the Reform and Development of Aftermarket Industry of Automobile in China”, had been launched to support the new exhibit on auto repair and maintenance. Participants had exchanged their ideas on the development of the maintenance chain and supply chain, reform of the retail channel for the repair and maintenance of automobiles, and so on. More than 300 factory stores, community stores and auto repair service shops had attended the event and received a full range of customized services.


       The content-rich exhibition had attracted high quality buyers from home and abroad. In addition, professional buyers from all over the world had been invited via different channels to help companies expand their overseas sales channels. The Aftermarket Industry Associations in the Philippines, Vietnam, Malaysia and other countries had been invited by the organizer to bring their enterprise members from afar with purchade orders to AAG. With the development of the new era, AAG had kicked off its full-media publicity model. Representatives from 50 media organizations had been invited to cover the exhibition online and offline to attract higher quality buyers from home and abroad. Interviews with representatives of outstanding enterprises and organizers of featured activities at pavilions had been scheduled. Meanwhile, new publicity channels had been established via the Internet and mobile phone through the official Wechat platform, moments advertisements and customized H5 invitation letters to zero in on the target audience and publish hot-spot news of the event.

       Zhao Lizhi, Party Secretary and General Manager of SINOMACHINT said, AAG had actively integrated different sources and adjusted the products and exhibition structure in the face of strong market demand. Its strategy had been based on the global aftermarket situation to create an innovative exhibition form that was in line with industrial needs and to open up new fields. Moving forward, we shall provide more customized services according to the segmentation needs of the auto aftermarket and further expand our channels to invite buyers from all around the globe.

       2018 AAG was hosted by SINOMACH and co-organized by SINOMACHINT, SINOMACH Intelligence Technology Co., Ltd., China National Electric Apparatus Research Institute Co., Ltd., Guangzhou China Automobile Trade Co., Ltd., and CMEC Exhibition.