Auto Hohhot was Awarded an Excellent Exhibition of Hohhot Area

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On January 7, 2013, Hohhot convention and exhibition association conference was held in Hohhot. The conference honored outstanding exhibition projects in 2012. The 4th Hohhot international auto exhibition, hosted by CNAICO and Hohhot government, was awarded the prize of excellent exhibition.
The 4th Hohhot international auto exhibition covered an area of 60,000 square meters. The exhibition not only occupied main indoor spaces of Inner Mongolia convention and exhibition center, but also built temporary exhibition halls in the north and south square. The exhibition area and standard are all better than the previous show. There were 70 companies participated in the exhibition, which had over 400 vehicles exhibited. More than 220,000 audiences visited the exhibition, which once again set a record in the history of Inner Mongolia’s auto show. The Hohhot international auto exhibition made positive contribution to make high-quality exhibition in Hohhot area, and promoted the healthy and orderly development of Hohhot exhibition industry.