SINOMACHINT Enhances Brand Strength with 11 New Awards and 2 More Software Copyrights

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       Being highly recognized by industry associations and the community for their outstanding performance, China National Machinery Industry International Co., Ltd (SINOMACHINT) and its affiliated companies won 11 awards in 2018. These awards are:

       The “Model Promoter of Green Exhibition” issued by China Green Exhibition Alliance was obtained by CMEC International Exhibition Co., Ltd and Beijing Guoji Lianchuang Advertising Ltd. SINOMACHINT was awarded the 2017 Top 100 Self-owned Brands in Beijing Business Service Industry on May 28. During the first China International Import Expo (CIIE), SINOMACHINT was awarded the “The Most Influential Professional Exhibition Organizer (PEO)” at the“ 2018 Goldfinger Awards of China Event Industry” on November 7; Meanwhile, the Shanghai International Automobile Spare Parts, Maintenance Testing Diagnostic Equipment and Services Exhibition, the China Int’l Machine Tool & Tools Exhibition hosted by SINOMACHINT, as well as China Motorcycle Parts Fair (CMPF) hosted by CAPSC of SINOMACHINT were crowned “The Most Influential Exhibition.” The Shenyang (China) International Automobile Industry Expo hosted by SINOMACHINT and China Motorcycle Parts Fair (CMPF) hosted by CAPSC earned the reputation of the “The Most Influential Exhibition Brand.”

       SINOMACHINT was invited to attend the 15th China Convention & Exhibition Industry Summit Forum (CCESF) on November 8. At the award ceremony, SINOMACHINT and its affiliated CMEC International Exhibition Co., Ltd were titled “China's Leading Exhibition Enterprise over the 40- year Cause of Reform and Opening-up."

       SINOMACHINT continues to enhance its strength in practice and pays attention to the accumulation of intangible assets and brand cultivation. In 2018, the company put more effort into applying for patents and software copyrights, with the purpose of adding more value to the company's brand through different means. This year saw two new software copyrights: Beijing Auto Show and AAG Exhibition Management. By the end of 2018, a total of nine software copyrights and one company patent have been approved.

       As SINOMACHINT officially became the Deputy Director of the Exhibition Information Commission of the CCOIC Commercial Chamber of Commerce in 2018, its leading role in the exhibition industry and voice will be improved and a solid foundation for more powerful brand strength has been put in place.