SINOMACHINT and Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Usher in a New Chapter of Strategic Cooperation

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       A meeting was held on the sidelines of China’s Two Sessions on March 6 where Zhao Lizhi, General Manager of SINOMACHINT, welcomed Tian Yong and Shang Zhiqiang, Director General and Deputy Director General, respectively, of the Department of Commerce, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region (IMAR), and their delegation. A strategic cooperation agreement was signed at the meeting. This is another major step taken by the company to ensure a good start for the first quarter of 2019.

       Building on the principles of "complementary advantages, cooperation and development," the two sides signed the Strategic Cooperation Agreement between the Department of Commerce of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region and China National Machinery Industry International Co., Ltd. The purpose of the agreement is to make full use of SINOMACHINT’s international and domestic resources to help IMAR companies explore markets in international and domestic trade, advertise featured products in IMAR by promoting the inclusive image of IMAR under the Belt and Road Initiatives, jointly assist IMAR companies with their in- and out-bound trade efforts and promote the local economy for enhanced contribution to the national economic strategy and high-quality growth.

       Other participants included SINOMACHINT Deputy General Manager Chen Yongshun, Zhang Li, other members of the SINOMACHINT leadership and heads of CMEC International Exhibition.