The enlarged meeting of company Labor Union Committee

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On January 11, the enlarged meeting of company Labor Union Committee was held at Union’s Home office which was hosted by Peng Mingjing, Deputy Secretary of Communist Party of China (CPC) Party Committee and Chairman Of Company Labor Union and over twenty people including members of office of the party committee, Youth League Committee and Labor Union Committee and some staff representatives were present. The meeting summarized and reviewed the whole year work in 2012, arranged and lay out 2013 work, and reported 2012 union’s financial revenues and expenditures and 2013 union financial budget, in the meantime, it informed the notices of Methods of Selecting Activists of Labor Union in 2012 and Launching 2013 Love Donation.

Peng Mingjing pointed out that owing to the committee members’ solid work and all staff’s active response, Labor Union had made significant progress in 2012 under the great concern of party leaders, and support and cooperation of Party Committee Office and Youth League Committee. In 2012, the Labor Union Committee paid much attention to self-cultivation and actively participated in many learning activities: the committee played an active role in management improvement which formulated and perfected labor union systems; it also carried out many activities such as sports meeting, Union’s Home, OA informatization contests, physical fitness, etc., which establish the correct guidance to the staff and strengthen their consciousness of innovation; insisting on democracy, to build a happy CNAICO, the committees did lots of practical work, such as protecting legal rights and interests of workers and staff and caring their real benefits,  and delivered the company warmness to every staff.

As for the 2013’s work, he stated that based on the progress of 2012, in 2013 guided by the spirits of Eighteen CPC National Congress, to build the happy CNAICO, the committee would continue to do practical things for the benefits of staffs and strive for high quality and efficiency to a new level, through cooperation and diligence, down-to-earth and innovative attitude.