Sinomachint and Italy BolognaFiere Group signed a strategic cooperation agreement

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       On April 22nd, Zhou Yamin, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of Sinomachint, and Zhao Lizhi, the General Manager, held friendly talks with Jobiel Cazoulat, Chairman of Italy BolognaFiere Group, and Antonio Bruzzo, at the Group's headquarters, and signed a strategic cooperation agreement. Italy's ambassador to China, Mr. Xie Guoyi, and Vice Minister of Italian Cultural Activities and Heritage Department, Ms. Lucia Bolgonzoni, witnessed this event. 
       The year 2019 marks the 15th anniversary of the comprehensive strategic partnership between China and Italy, and next year will be the 50th anniversary of establishing diplomatic relations between both countries. Italy has also now become the first member of the Group of Seven (G7) to join the "Belt and Road".
       In actively responding to the SINOMACH initiative in implementing the "Belt and Road", signing of this strategic cooperation agreement by Sinomachint aims to further strengthen communication between the two parties and promote the joint development of the exhibition market in China and Europe. While promoting investment and development of Chinese enterprises in Italy, the two parties hope to attract enterprises from all countries, including Italy, to invest in China, jointly promote construction of the "Belt and Road", and to take this opportunity to jointly push Sino-Italian relations into a new era. 
       Cheng Yongshun, Deputy General Manager of the company, and Chen Weiye, President of BolognaFiere China Ltd., signed the cooperation agreement as representatives. Heads of relevant companies and departments participated in the above activities.