Sinomachint well positioned to revitalize the Group’s agricultural machinery equipment

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On April 27th, more than 100 people from relevant ministries and commissions, provinces, trade associations and SINOMACH, gathered at Yituo Group Corporation, Luoyang, China to implement President Xi Jinping's important instruction of "vigorously promoting mechanization and intelligentization of agriculture", commemorate the 60th anniversary of comrade Mao Zedong's famous assertion that "the fundamental way out for agriculture lies in mechanization" and deploy SINOMACH’s strategy of revitalizing agricultural machinery and equipment. Zhang Xiaolun, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of SINOMACH, gave a speech, emphasizing on how it was important to not forget the original vision, remember the mission, and to strive to build world-class agricultural machinery enterprises.
Zhang Xiaolun said that as the most important central enterprise in the field of agricultural machinery and equipment in China, SINOMACH shoulders great responsibility for accelerating the progress of agricultural mechanization and technical progress of agricultural machinery and industrial transformation and upgrade. He pointed out that strategic positioning of SINOMACH's agricultural equipment business in the new era is to actively meet the needs of the country from an international perspective and international standards. This would include implementing collaborative research around solving the problems of "inorganic availability", "organic unavailability" and "sticking out" technologies, realizing autonomous control of key core technologies, providing users with the most valuable complete set of solutions for agricultural machinery equipment, and becoming a world-class agricultural machinery equipment manufacturing and service enterprise. Led by its strategic positioning, SINOMACH will continue to lead innovation and development of agricultural machinery and equipment industry around full mechanization of main grain and cash crops, with intellectualization, greening and service as the main lines, and support the needs of the "Belt and Road". He stressed that promoting revitalization and upgrade of agricultural machinery and equipment industry should not just be the responsibility of agricultural equipment enterprises, but also be the common cause of the whole group.
"In the process of revitalizing agricultural machinery equipment with the help of the Group, as a national equipment exhibition platform, Sinomachint shoulders great responsibility and will play an irreplaceable role," said Zhou Yamin, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of the company.
In recent years, Sinomachint has fully leveraged the advantages of the exhibition platform and established a one-stop service platform for Chinese enterprises to “go out”. In just the agricultural machinery equipment field, it has organized several Chinese enterprises to participate in the German Hanover agricultural machinery exhibition, as well as Italian, Czech, Bologna and French agricultural machinery exhibitions, to promote optimization and expansion of the agricultural machinery enterprises and accelerate the globalization process of Chinese manufacturing. At the same time, as the domestic operator of Asia's largest China International Agricultural Machinery Exhibition, Sinomachint has built a professional operation service system. SINOMACH’s exhibition platform may become the accelerator for the Group's agricultural machinery and equipment to expand overseas. 
In serving the national strategy, Sinomachint will focus on building a series of self-organizing exhibitions along the "Belt and Road", providing comprehensive services in capacity cooperation and equipment manufacture. In 2018, Sinomachint held 17 self-sponsored overseas exhibitions, of which 6 were new projects, reaching a record high number. Iran Tehran International Auto Show was the first international automobile exhibition held in Iran in the past 11 years. China Machinery and Electronics (Mongolia) Brand Exhibition is the only large-scale professional exhibition of mechanical and electrical products held in Mongolia. Guided by the need to support the "Belt and Road", SINOMACH's exhibition platform will go hand-in-hand with the innovative development of the agricultural machinery and equipment industry.
With more Chinese brands beginning to enter the overseas market, brand promotion has become Sinomachint’s new advantage. Chinese enterprises, represented by Dongfeng Motor Corporation, have expedited their own brand development, their services and marketing systems, and are exporting their brands overseas, while local governments such as of Hubei and Ningxia are promoting local characteristics and culture overseas... This cannot be separated from Sinomachint. Through conferences, forums, other custom services and other dissemination approaches, Sinomachint has continuously innovated the form and content of brand promotion to further enhance overseas market value and influence of customer brands. It is SINOMACH's exhibition platform’s goal to enable agricultural machinery brands to succeed overseas.
Sinomachint is well positioned to enhance development through exhibitions, further promote overall coordination of the Group, implement new development concepts, and expedite revitalization of agricultural machinery equipment.