5th China-India Plastics Industry Networking Seminar Held in Guangzhou

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       On May 23, the 5th China-India Plastics Industry Networking Seminar (hereinafter referred to as the China-India Networking Seminar), jointly hosted by AIPMA, the China Plastics Machinery Industry Association and CMEC International Exhibition Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as CMEC EXPO) affiliated with China National Machinery Industry International Co., Ltd., was held in Guangzhou. Nearly 200 of the most powerful plastics purchasers in India and more than 170 representatives of domestic plastics industry enterprises attended the seminar.
       As a precise and interactive exchange platform for bilateral trade in the plastics industry between China and India, aspects of the China-India Networking Seminar were carefully classified into plastic machinery, moulds, plastic machine accessories and auxiliary machinery, the chemical industry and raw materials industries. The Seminar adopts a B2B negotiation and purchase mode to match Chinese and Indian enterprises on-site based on the supply-demand relationship.
       During the seminar, Rituraj R. Gupta, Co-Chairman of the Executive Committee of Plastivision India 2020, Meela Jayadev, President of AIPMA, Kailash Murarka, Chairman of the National Executive Committee Plastivision India 2020, Sh. D. Praveen, Director of the Department of Chemicals and Petrochemicals in India, Su Dongping, Executive Vice President of the China Plastics Machinery Industry Association, and Zhao Rui, Executive Deputy General Manager of CMEC EXPO, respectively introduced Plastivision India 2020, the development of the Chinese plastic machinery industry, the prospects for cooperation in the Sino-Indian plastic machinery industry, and how Chinese enterprises can succeed in the international market through the exhibition platform. During the networking seminar, the organizers also released the latest news of the Plastivision India 2020 — the largest plastics exhibition in India.
       Through the joint cultivation of CMEC EXPO and the industry associations of China and India, the China-India networking seminar has become a special trading platform for the plastics industry, integrating professionalism, origin and internationalization. According to official statistics, more than 2,000 manufacturers, purchasers and service providers from the plastics industries of China and India have attended the first four sessions. The close experience and face-to-face communication has been highly recognized by participating enterprises in China and India, due to the high quality and high efficiency in supply and demand.