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Welcome to Sinomachint!

Sinomachint is a young and energetic enterprise in China Automotive Industry. I am delighted that via this website you are getting a close touch of our company.Sinomachint is dedicated to serving people, society and our country, and our corporate spirit remains to be "sincerely cherish employee,wholeheartedly serve customer and intently create future" .
Keeping pace with the times, Sinomachint has made its due contribution to the development of China automotive industry through diversified business operations, which covers project contracting, international trade, industrial investment, exhibition and comprehensive services. This integrated services architecture with five segments working in coordination, ensured and will continue to ensure sustainable, healthy, harmonious and fast growth of Sinomachint, and strengthen its capability to respond to any challenges that it may encounter. 
Looking forward, Chinese economy is faced with both greater opportunities and challenges. Sinomachint, with constant innovation and improvement, will continuously enhance management and explore business to set up Sinomachint's professional brand image in target market and offer customers with high quality products and excellent services. 
We hope to integrate resources at home and abroad to realize win-win in cooperation with partners. 
That is why we believe that the greater we can make Sinomachint, the greater its contribution will be to the well-being of the world you and I are sharing.