SINOMACHINT Holds Exhibition Scholarship Award Ceremony and Related Events

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       On the morning of May 31, the SINOMACHINT Exhibition Scholarship award ceremony was held at Beijing International Studies University. Song Changying, Assistant to the General Manager of China National Machinery Industry International Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as China Machinery International), Song Liangde, Secretary of the Party Committee of the Institute of Economics at Beijing International Studies University, and Liu Dake, Dean of the Institute of Economics, attended the ceremony. Thirty-five outstanding undergraduates majoring in exhibition from 12 universities across the country participated in the event.
       In her speech, Song Changying said that the scholarship is aimed toward “selecting the best of the best, encouraging outstanding exhibition talents in universities and colleges to pursue excellence while staying true to their mission”. She extended an invitation to university students majoring in exhibition, saying that talent is the driving force behind development. Everyone is welcome to learn about China Machinery International and enter China Machinery International. In his speech, Liu Dake pointed out that the exhibition industry needs responsible talents to look toward the future and promote the development of China’s exhibition industry. Over the years, China Machinery International has made great contributions to the training of exhibition professionals. Liu added that he hopes that the students would spread the love and encouragement of China Machinery International for exhibition talents.
       The leaders attending the event presented honorary certificates to the 35 students who were awarded the scholarship and took photos to mark the occasion.
       In the afternoon, CMEC International Exhibition Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as CMEC EXPO), affiliated to China Machinery International, invited the Beijing International Studies University delegation to visit the Yuanmingyuan office area.
       During the visit, China Machinery International and CMEC EXPO publicity videos were shown to illustrate the historical development, company strategy, business situation and corporate culture of China Machinery International. Outstanding young company employees and visiting students communicated on four topics.
       Finally, the students who participated in the event said that they were very grateful to China Machinery International for the careful arrangement. They said they will earnestly study and actively participate in professional internships so as to become professional exhibition talents.