President Ji Xuecheng chatted with new recruits

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On August 29th, President Ji Xuecheng met with new staffs recruited by this year. In a crisp tone, president Ji simplify for Company's current development stage, clarify the relationship between individuals and organization development. He requested new staffs to take “unity, diligence, objectivity, innovation, quality and efficiency” as standard & fully play roles in their jobs, promote CNAICO to step into rapid and healthy development with senior staffs.


In case that this year's new staffs mostly just graduating from school, president Ji hoped they could adapt to the social environment and status transferring from student to employee as soon as possible, practice themselves in detailed works. 
“Now, you are staying at the start of your career. No matter what is your position, what jobs you do, you have to do everything from your heart, to build a solid foundation. Only constantly learning and growing in practice, you can seize the capital of opportunities. "President Ji said.

He called for new staffs to keep the motto-unity, diligence, objectivity, innovation, quality and efficiency in mind to commit their works and to be a part of efficient execution team. In particular, he stressed that “unity " is to have overall views and spirit of collaboration, for overall situations of company’s development, the staff and leaderships to work together. “diligence ” is professional dedication such as how to study & how we can achieve better results. “realistic” is to do more meaningful, valuable thing for the company. “innovation” is to have innovative ideas to do works, even a little bit of improvement and strive to pursue. “Quality” is to complete job in a high level. “efficiency” is to be able to achieve good results at first time.

Finally, President Ji took Japanese entrepreneur’s success formula as an example, encouraged everyone to go better first step in CNAICO, realizing the unification development of individual and organization.