Successful Completion of 2012 New Staff Training

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Deputy Secretary of Party Committee Peng Mingjing Raised Expectations and Demands to New Staffs

2012 new staff training summary conference was held at 5th floor meeting room recently. General Manager Assistant of HR dept. Zhang Ran made a summary speech. Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee, Secretary of the commission for discipline inspection, Peng Mingjing raised expectations and demands to new staff.

Combining with features of new staff and our company development, Deputy Secretary Peng Mingjing made a four - point demands to new recruits. First, be motivational. Joining into state - owned enterprises, new staff should love the job, be motivational, plan careers earnestly combined with the company's development strategy, and anneal to be talents to grow up with CNAICO. Second, be diligent. New staffs should not be content with knowledge from books. They should keep on learning from practice to improve working ability. Through hard work, turning knowledge into work skills and being qualified to your post, value can be added to their own. Third, be good at thinking. Think more when facing new working environment and tasks and solve practical problems with innovational spirit. Be good at summarizing working methods and gaining experience with older employees’ help. Fourth, be cautious. New staff should identify with corporate culture and integrate it. Be politicking, solidarity, good at having big pictures and improving continuously. Distinguish right from wrong, be autonomic, foster team spirit and collective honor.

New staffs representatives expressed their feeling from the training process, and said they would keep in mind of President Ji Xuecheng’ commands and follow up with "unity, diligence, objectivity, innovation, quality and efficiency” motto. Around one month training process which contains start, internal training, communication, practice and such kinds of total seven steps, has come to a good end.