The 2nd China-ASEAN (Thailand) Commodity Fair Successfully Held

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Under the support of Chinese and Thailand governments and the related institutions, the China-ASEAN (Thailand) Commodity Fair (that is, China-ASEAN Machinery & Electronic Products Exhibition) co-hosted by CNAICO and China Foreign Trade Guangzhou Exhibition General Corporation ended successfully in the IMPACT Exhibition and Convention Center of Thailand Bangkok on August 26.

Exhibitors from China’s provinces and cities, such as Guangdong, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Fujian, Jilin, and Chongqing, and some exhibitors from countries such as Malaysia attended this Fair. In terms of the product catalogue, the Fair consists of machinery & electronic products, building materials and household supplies. According to the statistics from Thailand Convention & Exhibition Bureau, this four-day Fair attracted about 8000 professional buyers, the intended turnover onsite was about RMB3 million, and the customer satisfaction exceeded 90%.

The Fair gained strong support and assistance from the Economic and Commercial Counselor’s Office, Embassy of the People's Republic of China in the Kingdom of Thailand, the Thai Commerce Ministry and Industry Ministry, the Chinese General Chamber of Commerce, the small and medium-sized enterprise development bureau, the Thailand Convention & Exhibition Bureau, and other departments. Lin Cai, vice minister of Thailand Commerce Ministry, Zhang Yiming, Charged’ Affairs of the Chinese Embassy in Thailand, para Pa, Thailand's Industry Ministry secretary, and other guests attended the opening ceremony of the Fair.

Mr. Zhang Yiming said at the opening ceremony, in the whole-world downturn economy environment, the trade and economic cooperation between China and ASEAN, especially Thailand, were increasingly growing. In the first half of this year, the bilateral trade between China and Thailand reached $33.41 billion, up 7% from a year earlier. Thailand will continue to become China's second largest trading partner in ASEAN countries. This Fair reflected the deeper trade and economic cooperation between China and Thailand.

It is said that the next Fair will be held in late August 2013.