20th Hangzhou International Auto Industry Exhibition Spring Show Launches with Excellence and Standardization

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       From April 30-May 3, the 20th Hangzhou International Auto Industry Exhibition Spring Show (hereafter referred to as the Hangzhou Spring Show) was held at the Hangzhou International Expo Center (G20 Pavilion). The auto show was hosted by the China National Machinery Industry International Co., Ltd. and the Zhejiang Association of Automobile Manufacturers. It was organized by China National Automobile Convention & Exhibition Zhejiang Co., Ltd.
       More than 40 automotive brands displayed their leading models and latest technologies at the auto show. Not only were cars at special price, 10,000-yuan gift bags on offer for purchasing cars, rewards for purchasing cars granted, free replacement assessments given and other car buy benefits available, but a variety of other interesting activities were held, making the event highly enjoyable for a wide range of citizens to enjoy. The four day show received 26,567 people who came to observe and purchase cars, thus boosting car sales. Due to passenger flows on the scene, various auto brands have not only obtained many new orders, but have also gained access to a wide range of potential customers. According to official statistics, Skoda has collected more than 800 potential customers. Volvo, Buick, FAW Toyota and other brands have accumulated hundreds of potential customers and are expected to see a sales boom in the future.
       Excellence and standardization are the highlights of the Hangzhou Spring Show. In order to provide a more comfortable environment for the audience, the Hangzhou Spring Show featuring the “top auto show” has launched a series of high-quality services, including: strong noise control measures, a low decibel environment, a rest area for the audience, free drinks and tasting events. Focusing on service, the organizing committee has made great efforts to create a high-quality and standardized auto show.
       Since its inception in 2000, the Hangzhou Auto Show has emerged as one of the registered exhibition events of the West Lake International Expo Hangzhou. It has been successfully held 19 consecutive times and has become a preferred platform for Hangzhou residents and even residents of other parts of Zhejiang to view and purchase cars. The Hangzhou Spring Show is one of the sub-projects of the Hangzhou International Auto Industry Exhibition. In October 2019, the Autumn Show (i.e. the 20th Hangzhou International Auto Industry Exhibition Autumn Show) will grow even larger and more wonderful. The Autumn Show will cover a total of seven pavilions on the 1st and 3rd floors of the Hangzhou International Expo Center, enough to fit all participating car brands and the demands of various buyers.